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Right-Step Alternate Universe - Sniper

Character Details

Has a slight obsession with hitting people through the pancreas (it's only 50% sadism). Most of his salves are completely illegal and it's unclear where he got them. Generally light-hearted in attitude but has been known to yell curses across the battlefield when sufficiently agitated.

How did he get into this line of business, anyway? He's got no family tendency for it, and his eyesight is terrible. Well, it's simple, really. Even if his skill as a traditional sniper isn't the best, his creativity means that every shot has some catch to it - whether it's the traditional catch of it going straight through the frontal lobe, or something more creative that hampers the target long after the inital wound is healed.


RS!Sniper was... an odd one. The closest thing to sniping Canon!Medic does is crossbowing people across the map and. To be honest. Spending too much time on that tends to get people a bit mad at you. I had fun with the salves, though.

Weapon Stats


Stock Rifle

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Pew pew


Weapon Equivalent: Bazaar Bargain

Appearance: As in game

Stats: A sniper rifle that forces unscope-rescope after ever shot. After the fourth consecutive headshot, upon scope and charge, the rifle will remain so regardless of shots, until one is missed outright. While scoped, outside sounds are reduced in volume by 50%. Minimum attack interval is 1.5 seconds.

Purpose: Exchanges enforced tunnel vision for increased attack speed


Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: A sniper rifle that can only deal headshots. Charge rate is tripled. Leaves a trail when a bullet is fired.

Purpose: I honestly don't play enough sniper to know


Weapon Equivalent: Machina

Appearance: A small traditional bow.

Stats: Crits on headshot. Bodyshots will pierce through enemies and deal 5 seconds of bleed.

Purpose: Some form of AoE damage??


Weapon Equivalent: Hunstman

Appearance: A large war bow.

Stats: Projectile travels at the same rate as the Direct hit/Flare gun. Upon hitting a target, embeds a barbed arrow into them, dealing 125 damage at full charge. While allies of the Sniper are within melee range of an arrowed enemy, they can pull the arrow out if they have a higher % health than said enemy.

Purpose: Rewards team awareness and offensive playstyles, and punishes enemy carelessness. So basically makes pubs worse for everyone involved

Crusader's Crossbow

Weapon Equivalent: Crusader's Crossbow

Appearance: A small wood-and-metal crossbow.

Stats: Cannot heal, cannot headshot. Ignores bullet resistances. Deals 5 seconds of bleed.

Purpose: I don't know why you'd use this except for the challenge. Fun with the bleed effect or something?


Stock SMG

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Chip off health quickly at medium range


Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: :(

Castle's Gambit

Weapon Equivalent: Cozy Camper

Appearance: A jar of some sort of oil labelled "Botox". Smells like fried sausages??

Stats: When coated in it, the target will take no flinch nor knockback, and be slowed by 10%. Effect can only be dispelled by death but does not stack with others; emits particles. Can be used once before it must be resupplied.

Purpose: Can be used defensively, or chucked at those annoying Scouts and Soldiers...

Taste of Regret

Weapon Equivalent: Mad Milk

Appearance: A small jar of "bile", although it probably shouldn't be green...

Stats: 40 second cooldown. Drops the effective level of enemy buildings by 1. Splash radius of a rocket. Enemies coated will give a small health pack's regeneration if killed.

Purpose: Good with team coordination

Cleaner's Carbine

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Crikeeeeyyyyy


Stock Kukri

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Stock melee

Dead Man's Memorial

Weapon Equivalent: Tribalman's Shiv

Appearance: A rusty, ancient surgical knife.

Stats: Does 75% damage. Should death occur within 2 seconds of a successful hit, inflict bleed for 6 seconds.

Purpose: Literally a crutch for dying.

Heirloom Variety

Weapon Equivalent: Bushwacka

Appearance: A kitchen knife.

Stats: Crit on minicrits. 30% damage penalty. No random crits. Weapon switch speed halved.

Purpose: "Close range weakness"

Discovered Attacker

Weapon Equivalent: Razorback

Appearance: A long, narrow blade, almost like a spike or stake.

Stats: Cannot be used as a melee. If attacked with a melee (e.g. by a Spy), inflict bleed for 6 seconds and inform all teammates. If also close to a wall, inflict 8 seconds of bleed instead, and pin both yourself and your attacker to the wall for that time period.

Purpose: It's like the razorback but. Worse!

Upsetting Weapon

In the case of being strangled by a Spy, the Discovered Attacker may well end in both of you dying, as the Spy cannot run away or cancel their attack, and neither can you. I think this is objectively funnier than the razorback though. Dramatic. Tragic, even