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Right-Step Alternate Universe - Engineer

Character Details

Learned to engineer in order to catch his family's enemies off-guard, and also for when bear-fighting started getting too monotonous. Names his wrenches but not his buildings. Enjoys standing behind a sentry, repairing it, and smiling in a “friendly” (read: bloodthirsty) manner at all who approach (actually, that’s not very different to canon…).

It's odd where life leads people. Engineer always figured that if he was to leave Siberia it would be to chase a career in literature; but time shapes us in funny ways. If it weren't for the many moving parts, he'd carry his sentries around while they were firing; but he prefers his fingers firmly attached to his hand, so such plans must go unrealised.


It's odd to think of the character that is Mihail without the minigun. On the battlefield, I mean. We've all seen a Fat Scout or two, and Hoovies, but. You know.
Although, to be honest, RS!Engineer and Canon!Engineer are a lot more similar than they seem on the surface - apart from the bald heads. For one thing, they're often categorised as the Normal Guys, which is a bit of a reach for. Well. I think their Meet the Team videos speak for themselves.

Weapon Stats


Stock Shotgun

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Close-range damage

Widow's Calling

Weapon Equivalent: Widowmaker

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: For precise, continuous rampaging, otherwise known as Fat Scout but more upsetting

Rush and Rescue

Weapon Equivalent: Rescue Ranger

Appearance: As in game, but with a lot more duct tape.

Stats: As in game. Cannot move sentry traps.

Purpose: Swaps out offence for sustain and defence.

Blank Point

Weapon Equivalent: Panic Attack

Appearance: As in game.

Stats: Holds four rounds; upon firing, all four will be dispensed in quick succession. Reloads passively. Increases movement speed by absolute 33% while active.

Purpose: Help I am so sloooooow


Stock Pistol

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Chip off health quickly at medium range


Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game.

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Targeting down longer-range problems, or focusing certain enemies.

Short Circuit

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game, but with more duct tape.

Stats: As in game. Operates on a reload cooldown equivalent to the max output of a L3 dispenser.

Purpose: Pest Control.


Stock Wrench

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Stock melee

Engineer's Fists

Weapon Equivalent: Gunslinger

Appearance: As the in-game Stock Fists

Stats: Building construction is slowed by 10%. Sentry guns are exchanged for sentry traps. Enemies can be thrown backwards if within melee range.

Purpose: Swaps sustained and automated area denial for a set-and-forget hybrid strategy.

Son's Red Rage

Weapon Equivalent: Frontier Justice

Appearance: Fists wrapped in badly insulated electrical wire.

Stats: Fists rather than a wrench. 2 revenge crits will be awarded for each kill or assist attributed to a trap or sentry within 2 seconds of its destruction.

Purpose: Encourages good positioning and jumping on people from strange places

Seasonal Passing

Weapon Equivalent: Eureka Effect

Appearance: A wrench with a marbled colouration, showing copper, silver, and brass tones.

Stats: Increases movement speed by absolute 33% while active, and allows warping to teleporters. Healing from pickups or medics reduced by 50%.

Purpose: Exchanges outside sources of healing for mobility and rewards keeping your stuff alive


Weapon Equivalent: Jag/Southern Hospitality

Appearance: A white wrench with noticeable sharp, needle-like protrusions around the head and on the end of the handle.

Stats: Building construction is increased by 30%; swings 15% faster; does 5 seconds of bleed on hit. Self-damage from sentries increased by 30%, and repair efficiency takes a -20% penalty.

Purpose: Trades efficiency and ability to turtle for increased setup speed and on-the-spot defensive utility

Offensive Buildings

Sentry Gun

Weapon Equivalent: As in game

Appearance: As in game

Stats: Can only be upgraded to Level 2, which has the bullet DPS of a Level 1 but fires rockets.

Purpose: Snetry

Sentry Trap

Weapon Equivalent: None

Appearance: Like a bear trap, but sunk into the ground

Stats: When two or more enemies are within the radius, it activates, dealing 150 damage and slowing them by 50% for 20 seconds, as well as making a really loud noise. Is destroyed upon activation. Cannot be destroyed.

Purpose: Like your own personal stage hazard