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Right-Step Alternate Universe - Medic

Character Details

Is convinced that the body is the next great frontier of technology. Loves putting cool liquids into people's veins to see what happens. Is the type to remove his own hand, but actually lost it in a freak tractor accident and keeps it in a jar of liquid.

His family has been pushing the boundaries for generations, and he's no different; and as the decades have gone on the power of technology on the human body has become more and more apparent. He's the first to throw himself wholly into medicine, though; not that anything he does would be considered medicine by any governing body.


Listen. I think combining anatomy stuff and mechanical stuff is sick as hell. If the entire AU bumping around this site that's built off that sort of concept didn't clue you in. Anyway. Had a lot of fun with this one. The feeling of clobbering a Spy with a wrench is quite similar to running one through with an ubersaw, I think. Canon!Engineer and Canon!Medic both occupy this niche of "can theoretically be frontliners but they work better standing six feet back and watching the carnage". So. Yeah.

Weapon Stats


Stock Syringe Gun

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Emergency Point and Yell Device


Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game, though apparently full of nails rather than syringes.

Stats: 20% damage penalty. Upon hitting an enemy, reduces their run speed by absolute 0-30% depending on Yeehaw percentage.

Purpose: Since everyone else was getting stupidly fast, this drops them back to manageable percentages so you can run away


Weapon Equivalent: Amputator

Appearance: As the in-game Blutsauger, though with a more angular appearance

Stats: Increases passive regeneration by 3 while active. Holds 9 shots in the clip.

Purpose: Does anyone even use these things


Weapon Equivalent: Crusader's Crossbow

Appearance: A hunting rifle with chambers full of medigun fluid.

Stats: Functions like a sniper rifle, but exclusively heals. Does not crit on headshot.

Purpose: Efficient long-range heals, but trades off defensive capacity in exchange


Stock Medigun

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Yeehaw suckers

Cowboy Up!

Weapon Equivalent: Kritzkrieg

Appearance: As in game

Stats: Takes three-quarters of the time to fully charge, and upgrades shots to mini-crits/mini-crits to crits.

Purpose: Trades off invulns for MORE VIOLENCE.

Rodeo's Relief

Weapon Equivalent: Quick-Fix

Appearance: A lasso with a grappling implement filled with a small amount of medigun fluid.

Stats: A medigun that builds Yeehaw twice as fast as stock. Can heal up to 2000 health before it needs to be refilled. Mimics rocket jumps/airblasts/shield charges and can be used as a grappling hook at the cost of 25% Yeehaw. Invulnerability will last for 6 seconds rather than 8.

Purpose: Rewards resource management with mobility


Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: As in game, but slightly less like a kitchen appliance.

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Rewards awareness of what is going on


Stock Saw

Weapon Equivalent: N/A

Appearance: A fairly normal looking saw.

Stats: As in game

Purpose: Stock melee


Weapon Equivalent: Gunslinger

Appearance: A prosthetic hand with square fingers.

Stats: Can be used to heal allied buildings for up to 100 metal per ammo refil. 30% damage penalty.

Purpose: Utility, mostly


Weapon Equivalent: Ubersaw/Blutsauger

Appearance: A prosthetic hand with sharp fingers and visible glowing veins leading through the skin.

Stats: On hit, gain 25% Yeehaw, and progressively heal up to 25% health over 5 seconds. Swing speed is halved.

Purpose: Rewards the ability to win close-quarters encounters with sustained push capacity.

Sunset Fire

Weapon Equivalent: Kritzkrieg

Appearance: A prosthetic hand with visible blood flowing through attached tubes, and attachment points on the fingertips.

Stats: Swing speed and range is 75%. When equipped, the pocket will minicrit during Yeehaw. Max health is reduced by 15. No random crits.

Purpose: Provides a damage boost in exchange for becoming even more fragile than normal