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The Administrator

What is she doing? Who knows, who cares; she exists as a sort of boogeyman (boogeywoman??) at the edge of things who does a manipulation every so often and mostly just gives orders to fight things. I'm sure I could build up a character for her in this case (I might. Eventually) but for now she's basically a plot device in a girlboss suit.

Wed 15 Nov: Actually, now that I return to this, I think "plot device in a girlboss suit" might be a bit inaccurate. She's more of an archetypical villainess, I suppose. The nature of "characters" as something altogether separate from story elements is a bit of an illusion, anyway; but I digress. Her motive is essentially the same as in the comics; there's no real reason to make her different as this isn't exactly her story. Which is a shame, I suppose, but not exactly a waste.

Saxton Hale

I haven't actually decided what's up with him yet. For some reason I find the sentence "Hale is fucking dead" inherently funny but I'm not sure that's a good reason to make that canon

Wed 15 Nov: To be quite honest, I'm not sure if Hale being alive or dead has much impact on the story in general. His essence, so to speak, isn't really much of a match to the story at all; except for in Sniper's case, I suppose, but that's a path well reinforced already, so even then he'd exist as an auxiliary device rather than some theme in his own right. Mann & Machine is about relationships, anyway, and I can't say he's very important in that sense to any of the core characters.

Grey Mann

He's been trying to take over Mann Co. and tbh I feel like he kind of wants to take over the world as well. Maybe not all of it but like. The USA will do for now. You know. He's kind of cartoonishly evil like that.
He just wants to the in charge why won't you let him be in charge :(

Wed 15 Nov: Now that I think of it, he's much like the Adminstrator in these regards. Perhaps in another AU it would be interesting to have them interact more. Nefarious old woman and nefarious old man. Blend of two colours and absence of colour. Fight