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Mann & Machine - Demoman


Tbh Demoman has a lot going on in canon and I'm only going to make it more complicated.

Previously working as a freelance Demoman and cryptid-hunter, Demo joined Mann Co. in the hopes of finally finding a job that met all three of the following requirements: satisfying, pays well, mum likes it. And it was alright! Stressful at times, and there was definitely something going on with his boss, but it was more consistent than waiting for Nessie to show up and it provided plenty of pocket money.

It wasn't quite the ideal - it took up too much time for him to pick up other odd jobs, for one, and it was far away from home. But it was a job, at least. And the people! Strange people, truly. Annoying, sometimes. But they were good on the battlefield, and often better off.

When the situation with Grey Mann happened, Demoman didn't think too much of it. Disruption to the routine was - well, it was odd, for sure, but hardly something to get worked up about. Change was always nice, and it sure beat being chased around by a magician yelling about raccoons again. But then, the disruption didn't stop, and it started getting worse, and...


He'd call his mom, and she'd ask him how things were. Yes, Mum, good, Mum. No, I haven't got another job yet, Mum. Yes, Mum. I know, Mum. I love you, Mum.

The close calls got too close. Rockets that hit too close to the heart, sniper shots through the lungs, cold blue eyes staring him dead on as metallic hands scraped under his ribs. Mann Co. had softened him, it seemed - or had the world simply become crueller?

He hoped it was the former.

Mechanical Description

Demoman's left lung and left leg are both missing; his left lung and the chest area around it has been replaced with a permanent metallic part, which opens up to show small amounts of storage space and a small Australium resevoir. He has a few different legs of varying prominence (natural-looking, bright red, etc.), which are primarily designed for combative use, although they function alright for everyday use, albeit slightly too powerful at times. He is also missing an eye, which he has chosen not to replace.

Demoman's body contains some small amounts of Australium from the resevoir, which is intended to be drawn upon in emergencies if his blood oxygen dips too low. Like all the mercenaries, his respawn chip is embedded in the interventricular septum, although his is slightly better shielded on one side than normal due to the metal plating around it.