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Mann & Machine - Heavy


Imagine if you were just some guy with a family back home to send money over to and maybe slightly too much appreciation for violence but whatever. Anyway you get to your new job and these guys immediately jump on you and are like. Hey. We saw you from across the room. Do you want us to reinforce your bones so you can do even more killing. So of course you agree because why wouldn't you and it's all good, it's cool, you do your job and it's fun and you call your family and write letters to them and all that.
Eventually your job changes a bit, and now instead of fighting people you're fighting robots. It's maybe not quite as fun but whatever, you do what you have to do and it's fine. It's fine. But it's starting to get a bit too real; and you look back on your time working and you realise that you're pushing so much harder than you had to in the beginning, just to survive, and you realise that the funny little enhancements you got in the beginning for funsies are starting to become the only thing between you and getting turned into a convenient source of magic metal. And you think back to your family that you've always had to provide for and protect and you remember that they're very squishy, and you remember that at some point along the line it stopped being about robots attacking a company and started being about robots attacking you. And you worry, but you keep going anyway because that's all you can do anyway.
Yeah. That's the gist of it.

Mechanical Description

Heavy's bones have been reinforced with metal - though not replaced. His arms specifically have had additional metallic structures interwoven with the musculature, which aid in weight bearing and brute strength.

Heavy's bones and arms are reinforced with an Australium-alloy metal, but it's not extremely dense in terms of Australium-by-volume. Like all the mercenaries, his respawn chip is embedded in the interventricular septum.