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Mann & Machine - Medic


An artificial creation, he was initially concieved as an ideal son - one who wouldn't do things like take up art, argue with his parents, and run away from home. Growing up - or, being built up as it was - it was made quite clear to him what his purpose in life was. Continue the family tradition, make amazing discoveries in science, and flout the law when possible. A simple task for one who'd been programmed for such interests only.

He managed two of those things, so it could be called a majority success, if you were feeling pedantic.

His parents' weakness was always that they wanted a son as much as a successor, and when they lost the first to their inept parenting, the second was as much to heal the hole left behind as it was to continue the legacy. People are funny, like that. Perhaps they thought they would do better, or perhaps they had simply failed to concieve of the fact that an artificial human was still, beneath all the programming, devastatingly, utterly, human. The young child, it seemed, practiced medicine as ardently as his lost sibling had practiced with a brush. But not for the family legacy, and that was where things fell to pieces.

It was a shame, really, that things went down the way they did. Had his father not been quite so hot-tempered, had his mother thought to remember the mistakes of their past child, had the child not been quite so much his parent's son - well. Such ruminations were worthless in the end. What came to pass was, perhaps, a long time coming. People are rather egotistical, and do not always learn from their mistakes, after all.

Some things, once set into motion, always play out a certain way. It was a stupid argument, well-rehearsed and tired. Perhaps that was why it came to blows so easily.

Built for purpose, in good health and as intended, a shadow is cast over the vibrance of a life, and Frankenstein's monster kills the name to be bestowed upon him.

dont ask about the last line. idk


Ah. This fellow. I'm not quite 100% on his backstory details yet, but I know it's interesting. There's stuff going on in his silly little mechanical brain.

He's a bit of a replacement goldfish, really. A lot of parents don't really see their kids as individuals so much as extensions of themselves, and I thought it would be interesting to apply that to a guy who isn't even made out of flesh and blood. That's not to say that such parents don't love their children - many of them do - but perhaps they aren't doing it quite right.

I've listed his name as Ludwig, although his parents - creators - originally named him Hulderic. It's a pompous sort of name. Old. Means graceful/gracious/loyal king. I think they expected a perfect creation, in some way, even though they wanted a child. Lots of people do.
I say he left his parents. They may as well be dead within the narrative. I like the idea that Hulderic was the name of the thing Ludwig's parents wanted to create, and Ludwig was the name of their son, who was only really born once they were dead. The sort of sense that Hulderic was a name without any real meaning - lots of intended meaning, perhaps, but no real one - while Ludwig is a name passed on, and one he could only ever have once their effect on him was complete.
Although, that seems an unhealthy relationship with a name, so I'd like to say that as Mann & Machine ramps up he becomes quite partial to Lutz. It's a simple diminutive of Ludwig - although using a diminutive in the first place was Engineer's idea.

Mechanical Description

His whole body is synthetic, although only some of it is mechanical - the outer layers are made of biosynthetic flesh, while the structural components are made of reinforced metal. Like Pyro, his brain is an Australium-chip one. His flesh is bound quite strongly to his body, but in a pinch it can be peeled back with only minor problems.

Medic's mechanical layers are quite high in Australium, while his flesh is less so but still higher in it than the average person. He doesn't possess a heart, per se, but the respawn chip is welded to a similar area of his body.