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This page links to all my disparate writing one-shots.

Scorched Blizzards


In which Heavy takes a walk after a Payload defence victory, and thinks about snow*.

*But not really.

I'm experimenting here. No I don't know where this idea came from, no I'm not 100% sure it makes sense. You are in my house and I'm pouring an entire pitcher of soda water over the stove for your amusement. Have fun, I guess.


Rated General for General audiences. Features Heavy and only Heavy, although a few other characters show up in his imagination or vaguely there as part of the set dressing.
An attempt at a character study, but essentially just one long metaphor that got away from me. I love me an extended metaphor...

The Puzzle


So, originally, this was meant to be a puzzle with a clear answer. But, I felt that it would potentially not work out so well, so I altered it a little. It still remains intentionally obtuse, though.