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Concept Bin

Originally I had these in a Google Doc, buuuut I don't actually really like Google Docs. So.

Team Colours

I used the following ruleset to generate these Team Names:

  1. Acronyms must be three letters long [reference: RED and BLU]
  2. Words can be implied provided they are left lowercase in title case (e.g. “and”) [reference: RED]
  3. Vowels that represent silent modifiers [reference: BLU] and vowels that can be replaced by a schwa without obscuring meaning [necessary to preserve 1 and 2] can be dropped
  4. Vowel-consonant groups that together form the name of a letter can be replaced by said letter [reference: BLU]
  5. Consonants can be switched around, provided they make a comprehensible sound in the final product [significantly extends acronym capacities]
  6. Acronyms must make a colour [reference: RED and BLU; Grey], or an object from which colour can clearly be extrapolated [optional choice]

Working within these rules, the following names were generated.


A potential name for this team would be General Liquidations Depot.
Note that, while sharing a colour [reference: golden weapons; “australium gold”], gold and Australium are not considered to be the same material. Additionally, gold is worth significantly less than Australium.

MOV - “Mauve”

A potential name for this team would be Major Operations Vocational
While a part of the violet set, mauve denotes a significantly more desaturated, more reddish shade of purple than “Administrative purple”. It was also one of the first and more well-known synthetic dyes of the Victorian era.

MBR - “Amber”

Potentially stylised “Mbr” or “mBR”
A potential name for this team would be Munitions Breaking & Redistribution
As a colour, amber primarily has connotations of slowing down [reference: traffic lights] and may also serve as a semiprecious counterpart to gold or gemstones [reference: amber]. Due to its vivid orange-yellow colour, and depending on pronunciation, it may also call to mind fire or embers.

RUB - “Ruby”

Potentially stylised “RuB” or “rUB”
A potential name for this team would be Regular Urban Breakers
As a colour, ruby appears darker and more saturated than “RED red”. This places it in a similar colour range to more intense “blood reds”.

AQA - “Aqua”

A potential name for this team would be Artisans’ Quality Agency
As a colour, aqua may vary, from lighter but more saturated than “BLU blue”, to darker with equal or higher saturation. It has a significant link to the ocean or sea.

BAJ - “Beige”

Potentially stylised “bAj”
A potential name for this team would be Blank Alliance Junction
Beige is boring. It is considered neutral, and acts as a supporting tone rather than an accent of its own.

SIN or CYN- “Cyan”

Potentially stylised “sIN” or "cyN"

A potential name for this team would be Superior Interference Negation, or Crafting Yards Nondisclosing
Cyan is primarily used as an additive primary colour, and in and of itself is considered a very bright shade. Though unnaturally vibrant, it bears some resemblance to the sky.

PNC - “Pink”

A potential name for this team would be Proper Neutralisation Collective
Pink is traditionally considered a feminine colour, though this distinction is relatively recent on a grand scale, with “light red” previously being seen as masculine. In addition, while pink is often cited to reduce aggression, it has often been reported to do the opposite [reference: Baker-Miller pink].

GRN - “Green”

A potential name for this team would be Gravel Relocation Network
Green generally draws connections to nature, although it may also be used as a shorthand for gas, poison, or mould.

SUN - “Sun”

A potential name for this team would be Sustainable Utilities Network
The exact shade of yellow “sun” would represent is debatable, although the image of a yellow sun is near universal.

ASH - “Ash”

A potential name for this team would be Architectural Structuring House
“Ash” may be interpreted at any degree of lightness or darkness, but certainly brings to mind monochrome blandness or destruction.

Lore Gaps - Or Fragmented Fanon Constructs

There are various questions about TF2 lore that do not have a canon - or well accepted - answer. Oftentimes these questions will spawn a variety of different explanations, depending on the tone of the piece and a single person's relationship with canon. This section serves to catalogue some of these questions, and potential answers both wild-caught and dug out of my brain.

Why do RED and BLUs’ mercenaries appear identical?

How can there be multiple of the same mercenary on one team?

Why do Team Colours appear inconsistent?

Why are food items healing, and why do they do different amounts of healing depending on whether consumed or picked-up?

How does respawn work?

How often does respawn work?

Why doesn’t rocket jumping cause depeditation?

How do throwables cause their effects?

How does Scout double/triple jump?

Where do the mercenaries live?

Where do the mercenaries sleep?

Plot Bunnies

Long-Form Ideas

These ideas are intended for chaptered or otherwise prolonged formats.

Interaction/Relation Based Ideas

Ideas heavily reliant on character interaction and relationships.

Dumb But (I think) Funny Ideas

Ranging from vaguely random to full-blown crackfic territory.

Character Study Prompts

Prompts that focus on a single character and their internal life


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