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Low effort sketch repository

A drawing with blue-green lineart and no colouring. It is a cartoonish doodle of Medic, holding a camera and dressed up for tourism, with suspenders, a flowery shirt, and long pants. His eyes have been stylised as his glasses. He is smiling, with pink cheeks. The caption reads, Please let me come closer, I promise I won't dissect you, with a colon and three at the end forming a stylised smiley face. A sketched bust of Engineer in teal digital pen. There is some slight shading with semitransparent pen to show shadow. A note off to the side reads, I need references [sic]. References has been misspelled to an absurd degree. Two sketches in red, pencil-like digital pen. Both are busts at three quarter angles, facing left. Scout is looking to the right, with a little marker near his head indicating he is alert. Medic is looking downwards, and also looking vaguely concerned. A sketched straight-on headshot of Scout. The face and neck have been coloured in with thick, scribbly pen. A sketched three-quarter bust of Sniper with a mullet. The colouring is done with a thick semitransparent pen, so the seams overlap. A note to the side reads, Hard Light Preserves Sketch Well But Colours Become + + More Light And Saturated